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The Team



Founder (EDMLabs)/Lead Producer/Label Manager (EDMLabs)

Digital Artist/Producer/Blogger 

Jack is the founder and lead producer at EDMLabs, you can find him working on almost every one of the EDMLabs products or working on your services, Jack handles the majority of the legwork including customer support, branding, production and some visual work, Jack also manages client relations and distribution.

Jonty is behind some of our greatest artworks as well as working on sample packs for EDMLabs. You can find him working on your artwork services or his own releases under his alias 'Jonty Kennedy'. You will know him from his very intricate YouTube tutorials and blog posts, a very talented young producer from the south of England.



Founder (Komodor Audio)/Producer

Founder (Komodor Audio)/Producer

Alex is a talented young artist from the south of England, known for releasing his very original inspiring productions he may work on some of your sound design, Alex manages our partner label 'Komodor Audio' with Noah and is behind some of your favourite EDMLabs releases such as 'Dubtep Chemist' and 'Futures'. as well as half of Komodor Audio releases.

Noah is a canadian music producer with a good ear for quality, he assists on a number of the production services as well as manages his own label with Alex 'Komodor Audio'. Noah is a talented artist who specialises in creating chilled out music, you will know Noah from some of your favourite EDMLabs releases such as 'Melbourne Mayhem' as well as half of the releases on Komodor Audio.


Distribution Manager/Digital Artist

Andrew is an established label manager, having owned his own label for years he plays

an important part in helping Jack with distribution management. Andrew has an ear and eye for quality.

You can find him creating your Artwork via our Artwork services or totally managing 'EDMLabs Distribution'.