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Ableton Live Tutorial by Jonty Kennedy

Jonty is back at it again with one of his best tutorials yet, teaching you how to make the signature future bass sound that has become popular in 2016, this sound is clean and crisp and is bound to bring your track to life.

If you are interested in listening to his stuff check out his soundcloud here.

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This tutorial is legend. It's to the point, full of epic knowledge and mad funny. You gained yourself a new subscriber. Clap clap clap. Srsly.

10 seconds in annnnnnnd slow clap.....

Hey found your YouTube! You're an good teacher man :D

Super awesome tutorial man. I think a big part is also how to construct the correct chords for this type of genre, maybe you could drop a video where you do something like that?

This tutorial was absolutely phenomenal, keep up the good work.

I subbed only after seeing the video because 1. Showed end result instantly 2. High quality tutorial 3. You know your way around Serum 4. You use Ableton and also use the Disco skin 5. Your accent.

Instant subscribe after watching this haha! :) Keep it up man, your good!

I've watched a million futurebass tutorials and this honestly the best even though it's so short.

Holy hell I'm subbing dude you f****n rock