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Ghost Production


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"this is dope. Great work man, that's exactly what i meant"

"Great, better than I expected."

"Awesome!! amazing work!! will be in touch with more projects soon thanks so much."

Step 1

You pay the initial 50% deposit for your production, this is based on our current prices. We may waive this need for a deposit if you have ordered with us before as a loyalty bonus, and payment is not due until the track is complete.

Step 2

Once the payment has been made, you will be linked to a form where you can fill out your order information that will be sent to us, we will take your refference tracks, ideas and inspirations, and turn them into a production.

Step 3

We deliver the full demo or partial demos as we produce the track based on your decision, you then provide your valuable input and help us make the track perfect for you and your fans, and repeat this process for as many revisions as availalbe.

Step 4

Once you are sattisfied with the track we have created together, we deliver to you the full WAV file, 320kbps MP3 File, FLAC, Stems & Ableton Live Project. From then the track is yours to do with or release as you please, including the project.


Prices subject to change based at our discretion, we will refund you if price changes after you have paid and you are not happy to pay the new prices.


A single full carefully crafted to your specifications using ideas, thoughts and reference tracks supplied to us by you. We will create your track using our experienced producers and give you full ownership outright including all global rights and royalties, legal documentation can be signed if you request but we need 10 days to review the documentation.
$ 599.99
$300 Deposit to be paid up front, the rest of the payment is due to be made when the project has been completed.
  • One full ghost production with total anonymity guaranteed.
  • 7 Revisions.
  • WAV, 320KBPS MP3, and Project Files in Ableton Live Provided.


Four Full ghost productions crafted carefully to your specifications and ideas, our experienced producers will work with you on your productions to create tracks you will be proud to release, all rights and royalties are given to you upon completion as well as total anonymity, documentation can be signed if you request but we need 10 days to review the documentation. 
$ 1899.99
$900 Deposit to be paid up front, the rest of the payment will bedue to be paid when the project has been completed.
  • Four full ghost productions with total anonymity guaranteed.
  • 10 Revisions Per Track.
  • WAV, MP3, Flac, Ableton Project & STEMS Provided.

What next?

Once your payment has been recieved you will be directed to a page where you can fill in your information regarding your production ideas.

For special requests, please contact us via the contact form below, we can work to your specifications and we also occasionally offer cheaper prices for working with newer less experienced members of the EDMLabs team.