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Affiliate Program

We offer a generous affiliate program to anyone able to promote our work to potential customers and recieve a return of the sales.

Become A Producer

Sell your products with us such as sounds, samples and project files and we will help you make some money as an artist.

Join Our Team

Join our team of producers or artists to gain opoortunities to make some money on the side when the opportunity arrises.

Affiliate Program

We at EDMLabs offer a generous affiliate program so you can help us to make money and make money yourself through promoting appropriately to potential customers and your friends who you believe would enjoy the products or services that we offer, in return for bringing in that business we will give you a cut of the money that they pay to us, as long as you promote fairly without spamming, insulting or hurting anyone or any community. 

We will not allow spamming in communitys and emails for the sake of gaining a cut, good ways to promote your affiliate link is through YouTube videos, appropriate networks of friends and communitys and also through social media or blog posts.

Percentages Available:

Product Sales - 20% 

Ghost Production - 10%

Other Production Services - 20%

Artwork - 20%

Join Our Team

EDMLabs is always looking to take on talented new artists to join our roster and sell products on our label, in return you will recieve 870% of your profits earned and will be given monthly updates on sales recieved on our multiple distributors. Your products will be distributed with your permission on:




You will be given a monthly invoice regarding the sales of all of your products, payment for these products will be sent to you within the first 10 days of the following month.

This is a fun way to make extra money as a producer if you are too young or do not have the time to set up your own label, we provide the artworks for your sample packs and handle all of the customer queries.

You can also join our team of artists who sit on the side lines waiting for potential ghost production or Artwork jobs to become available.